Publishing Plans for AWE & GLORY

Just recently I’ve had half a dozen people ask about the third and fourth books in The Books of Marvella series. Here’s an update.

Two weeks ago I was already working on plans for a Kickstarter. But I’ve changed my mind because of a couple of things. First, I still honestly don’t know whether a Kickstarter would work. I’m sure some of you diehard fans think otherwise—oh how I wish I could clone all of you gracious readers! But the life of an artist these days is so different than even ten years ago. In our everything-is-free & everything-is-awesome & every-technology-known-to-mankind-is-available universe, trying to get interest and buy-in is very tough.

The other reason I’m not going to do a Kickstarter is simply time. Even if it’s just a simple and straightforward one, it would still require quite a bit of time, something I don’t have. My plate has never been more full with projects. I’m grateful for this but know I can’t devote time to something that might not pan out.

Having said that, I fully plan on releasing Awe and Glory this year. Both are finished—I only need to work on the edits for Glory. I don’t want to only have them released as eBooks. But I don’t want to go the cheap route on publishing them (and no need to send me links for doing it—this is my world so I fully know the details).

When you’re struggling to provide for your family in a profession, spending time and money on something that won’t bring you any income isn’t the most inspiring thing. But I’ll say this again—this series is one of the most important things I’ve done. And yeah, I’ll use the cliché that if it only touches a few people then it’s worth it. I believe that. My bank and mortgage company don’t, but that’s okay.

Hopefully-maybe-possibly, Awe will be coming late spring or early summer. If I can afford to publish Glory at the same time, I will. I want anybody who wants to read it to read it. I’d give them away if I could. For now, I’ll be figuring out ways to publish them. I’m creative. I sorta have to be on a daily basis.

For those of you interested, thank you again. I’ll try my best to keep you updated.

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