Out of the Woods

There’s strength in numbers
And wisdom in colleagues
The whispering winds that blow around all day suddenly settle down
Long enough for you blow some hot air around
The hovering sun seeks you out but you find some cooler shadows for a moment
You sit and settle down and breathe instead of sigh
The city skyscape just outside
It’s familiar but you’ve never seen it in this way before
The colors are brighter and the streets are more inviting
The passing faces are more friendly and more comforting
Everybody is an opportunity
Every street another way to get there
It doesn’t matter if you get lost ‘cause you get lost every journey you take
But you always get there
Sometimes more sweaty sometimes more out of breath
But oh the sights
Oh the sounds
Your friends stand around and seek you out and remind you
For a moment you’re reminded
Teased and tormented you realize is just time ticking and people having fun
One life and to spread a little joy is kinda cool
Remember this as you go
Remember these times
Remember coming out of the woods
Feeling good
Dance for the moment and drive downhill and don’t look back
Spread some love and some joy
Daylight still feels great
And the city night lights still warm your soul
Still settling in to this sort of place
So go on and keep at a steady pace