Turn The Page

            Maybe ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it’s not going to happen. But sometimes, one hundred knocks on your door and walks into your living room. It sits down and smiles and asks if you’re ready.
            When it does, then be ready.
            Work hard and be willing to learn.
            Be persistent and force yourself to be patient.
            Don’t settle. That word is very dangerous. Settling means remaining okay with the now. Settling means remaining stuck in the now which quickly becomes the then. Settling means not working hard.
            Dream. Don’t drive over the edge of the cliff doing so, but dream while you’re driving down the highway. See the open horizon and keep pressing toward the big, the bright, the endless blue.
            Write down and record dreams. Goals. Desires. Foolish things nobody will ever see. They don’t have to see it. They don’t have to realize that all of those will probably never happen.
            But sometimes, they do.
            Occasionally you can write down a project and give yourself a twenty-five percent chance of it happening, knowing that’s probably twenty-percent too high. Knowing it’s a longshot on a page full of maybe’s and could be’s and possibilities.
            Then you can find yourself reading an email and making a call and being presented with that very project you dreamt about. You don’t wait and watch in wonder. You get to work.
            You find pleasure in somber or silly or scary stories. You weave them together. You find songs to match their soul. And you continue on.
            Do you wish to continue this sort of dreaming and desiring? Then turn to page 42.
            Do you feel content to stay in the now and not persist on? Then don’t turn the page.
            I’m turning the pages today. And God willing, I’ll keep them turning.
            And as always, I’ll be fascinated and surprised at what I’ll find. And willing and able to fill their margins full. 

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