So I’m starting a new teen series this year called The Books of Marvella. The first book, Marvelous, comes out in May.
            Some of you might have read The Solitary Tales. The Books of Marvella is a sister series to The Solitary Tales. It’s very different in terms of characters and tone and storyline, but in the big picture it’s in the same world.
            So I’m asking for some help from some of you.
            The publisher has asked for endorsers. I have lot of views on this, one being that unless you get some huge name to endorse a book, blurbs don’t really matter.
            At the same hand, people read those blurbs.
            So I asked if I could get some of my fans to read Marvelous and share some of their thoughts.
            If you are, send me an email at travisthrasher@mac.com. I’ll send you a PDF of the manuscript.
            They would need an endorsement by February 7. Short notice but hopefully you’ll enjoy the book enough to devour it!
            Anybody providing a blurb will receive a complimentary copy of the actual book when it releases! And I'll sign it too. 
            Thanks for your help. I really think you’ll like this four-book series. It’s got a pretty awesome storyline—it’s just a matter of getting to the finish line in book four. I think it's going to surprise a lot of people
            Appreciate all of you readers out there! 

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