Run Don't Walk

               It’s no pleasure thinking about profits
            There’s a pain trying to produce publicity
            The reason and the only point is to produce
            The words that convey emotion and the stories that convey heartwork
            Seal that soul and separate yourself
            These things take a toil on you young man
            Grapple in the fear
            But don’t let it pull you down
            The name and the noise and spotlight
            All seem to be brilliant distractions
            Find some kind of balance
            But keep sprinting
            Keep climbing
            Keep dreaming
            Keep on
            Keep pointed in the prose
            Stories that have been told before but not by you
            Voices that have been uttered for totally other reasons than yours
            Wrap your arms around these premises
            And shake something special out of them
            Hear this same steady melody
            And tweak it take it break it formulate it do something new with it
            Bring a voice and bring a vision and bring a heart and a soul
            Then stay steady
            Stay steady on this road full of voices and noises
            Run don’t walk
            Stay straight don’t fall
            And look His way

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