Seventy Times Seven

            Lean on over and let me see through your eyes.
            Larger than life higher than I can see full of so much simply full.
            The busy brash bold bragging world out there breaks up into a hundred pieces until I see something real something wonderful.
            I’m floating like a balloon.
            And full I’m laughing like someone full of helium full of life full of love.
            In this world we don’t need sense we don’t need commas we don’t need to figure out anything we can just be.
            Bursting like fire working over the moon and under the sun.
            Blinking to see if this is really all there is to see.
            The dark corners are dark enough for me to take.
            The right-hand detours are sharp enough for me to steer.
            The one-way streets are no longer needed to go down. God knows I’ve driven down some of them the wrong way.
            The road is narrow but it’s still yours to stay on. With those bright bold eyes keep looking keep dreaming keep being.
            Keep being you, Kylie. 
            This brilliant tiny breathless gift from above.
            Now so tall so electric so you.
            You’ll always be my buddy even if you don’t read a sentence of anything I’ve written.
            I’m going to be your guide God help me and your parent good Lord I need patience and your father Spirit stay with me.
            I’ll occasionally take the view from the other side. If I can if I slow down to try.
            I love you little girl. I always will.
            Always always always always always always always.
            Seventy times seven.
            And then some. 

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