Writer's Block

            There is no such thing as writer’s block. There is only procrastination and fear and perfectionism and pure laziness. That’s all.
            If you want to write, there is no magical, mythical block holding you back.
            Perhaps you keep putting it off because of all the more important things in your life. Perhaps you can’t develop a routine or you can’t get into a steady rhythm. That’s not writer’s block. That’s just not even bothering.
            So maybe you are afraid of what others will think. Afraid it’s going to be terrible and worse than that, you’ll devote hours and days and weeks and month to this terrible thing. Maybe you’ll get too personal, and share private things, and maybe it’ll get read by those closest to you, and maybe they’ll call for the funny farm to pick you up.
            Maybe you have this grand vision in your head but it suddenly gets very bland and stale when it gets put onto the page. Join the club of every single writer who has ever put words onto the page.
            Maybe the problem is you started writing and realized it’s work. There’s nothing inspired about it anymore. The fun is gone. The honeymoon is over. You’re in the middle of a work and it’s just sagging and fading away. So you stop. Because it’s—it’s hard. And you wanted this to be exciting and easy.
            Writer’s block is a myth. It’s another fun thing to discuss and blog about and explore all while you’re not writing.
            Maybe the bank is calling you repeatedly because you haven’t paid your mortgage in the last couple of months. And yeah, maybe you keep telling them the check is in the mail and you’re a writer but they just don’t quite get it because you can’t pay them now. Maybe that is just stressing you out too much and ruining your concentration.
            Perhaps the project you spent the last two years talking about and the last couple of months toying over suddenly got ripped out from underneath your typing fingertips. And yeah, perhaps you know that’s just part of the process, and that it could happen, and that it’s not personal, and yada yada. But at the end of the day, it hurts like hell, but nevermind. Keep writing.
            Maybe this project wasn’t your idea to begin with, but it’s an amazing opportunity. Maybe those other potential projects had to get put on hold for this one.
            Maybes and perhaps’ all don’t mean a thing if you want to write. If you have to write. If you say you’re a writer. If those are the case . . . then you write.