A Hundred

            I have a hundred songs that sum me up better than I can say.
            A hundred snapshots that look more like me than any mirror can.
            A hundred places that are me peeled away to the core.
            A hundred pieces that are broken and don’t fit but somehow all amount to me.
            A hundred moments I can pinpoint when I became a little more of who I am today.
            A hundred glances I wish I could bottle up and store away at sea.
            A hundred sounds I’d love to replay time and time again.
            A hundred words that come together in some sort of cryptic poem.
            A hundred laughs that could fill a horizon full of hot air balloons.
            A hundred questions that still get asked more each day.
            A hundred answers that I still long to find.
            I am a hundred different people to a hundred different people
            A hundred different faces I find myself forced to make.
            But in the end I’m really just one person with one song and one soul.
            I’m one snapshot and one story needing one savior.
            I could write a hundred books that all amount to that one simple fact.
            A hundred voices inside my head say I’ll do it, too. 

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