The Beat Goes On

We find songs to serve as the soundtrack in a film
Stories to fill the four-minute-spectrum of a song
Movies to inspire the pages of a book
The world turns around and around
The same old and same old done a hundred new and brilliant ways
The same beat twisted and funked out
The same scenario turned on its side
The same beat told to an entirely different beat
The beat of the drum beats and goes on
The songs tell stories
The stories sum up pictures
The pictures swell with music
And it goes around and around
This pop world and this pop mirror
Popcorn you put in a microwave and heat up for a couple of minutes
The next fix and the next mood and the next it
The next moving thing to fill some deep hole
So much out there
So many holes to fill
So much brilliant, bold, brash, beautiful stuff
The stuff stories are made of
The stuff songs are sung about
The stuff films are full of
And the drum machine goes on and on
The next selection
The next track in the next life
The next summary and the next thing
On and on
Enter and explore
Exit at will
Exit whenever you want to
Pop pop pop
The keys of a keyboard
The beat of a drum
The spin of a projector
Going on and on
On and on
Love and loss and fortune and famine and seek and swim and all those old familiar stories
Told again and again
From the beginning to the end
With just new voices
New faces
New styles
And new formats
On and on
And on and on
So it goes