This Sunrise You've Been Given

Whisper. I don’t want to hear the words. Not now. Maybe tomorrow.
Smile. I don’t want to get down again. Not now. I hate all the sorrow.
Laugh. Every contagious laugh is like a kiss from Heaven.
Wonder. The world has enough answers. Why not ask why?
Study. The little specks on the tiniest face can be one of the most beautiful things ever.
Worry. Every now and then it’s good to just FREAK OUT.
Breathe. Somehow you’re still alive and the blood pumping in your heart is there.
Hope. ‘Cause “hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”
Live. Live like tomorrow isn’t promised and yesterday washed away.
Grasp. Those around you. The truths you’ve seen. This sunrise you’ve been given.
Bow. Before your maker. Your savior. Your yesterday and your tomorrow.
Thank. And then thank again. Because today is full. And tomorrow might be, too.
Sleep. Cause God knows you need to. 

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