Never Let Go

I've had beloved books that took me six years to write (Sky Blue). 

I've had collaborations with people I've loved working with (Paper Angels Home Run). 

I've had books that were odd little experiments (The Second Thief, Blinded). 

I've tried to sum up young love (The Promise Remains). 

I've had the start of series that never went anywhere (Out of the Devil's Mouth). 

I've had failures turn into successes (Isolation). 

I've swung at the fences with everything I've got (40). 

I've dialed it way back (Broken). 

I've been a bit too ambitious (Gun Lake). 

I've carved out chunks of myself and my history (The Solitary Tales). 

I've celebrated new love and marriage (Three Roads Home). 

I've celebrated the dark side (Ghostwriter). 

I've dealt with my own failures (The Watermark, Admission ). 

I've worked with famous people (Letters From War, Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not, Time For Me To Come Home). 

I've published books too good to not be published (Every Breath You Take). 

But I've never, ever worked on a book like Never Let Go. Perhaps because it's not fiction. Perhaps because it's not my story. Perhaps because Mac and Mary Owen are awesome, and because God has done so many amazing things in their lives. 

If you've enjoyed any of the above books, please buy Never Let Go. It's worth it. As a parent of many children, I can see this child as being truly exceptional. 

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