7 Questions With Robert Peters From HOME RUN

 #1. How did you end up playing JT in Home Run? 

That is a question that makes me smile to answer. I was actually coming home to Tulsa (where I grew up) to help my Mom. And it happened to be the same week they were doing final readings/callbacks for Home Run. So I was in the right place at the right time because I was there for what I like to believe was the right reason! 

Before I left Los Angeles I had been referred to Carol Matthews (the producer) through my good friend in Tulsa, Jim Edwards. Jim sent Carol an email on my behalf and thankfully Carol knew of me and I think some of my work. Casting had said originally they wanted someone a bit older than me, but they said they would let me read for the role of JT.  Sure glad they did and sure glad David Boyd liked my choices for presenting JT.

#2. Sum up Home Run in your own words. 

With the backdrop of baseball, a story of hope and overcoming obstacles. 

#3. What was your favorite part of working on the set for Home Run? 

The fact that it was on location in Tulsa and I could see family and friends. And even have my nephew play a small role (as JT's son!).

#4. Tell us about your character, JT. 

JT is a counselor for Celebrate Recovery. And he has been through recovery of alcoholism himself. And he sees the potential in Cory to overcome the struggles he is going through. 

#5. You've been in everything from Ocean's Eleven to Lincoln. What advice would you give someone just starting to act?  

Tenacity. Success happens fast for some people, but for most, it's a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the great moments. I’ve had many: working with people who were my heroes growing up and helping to tell stories I'm proud to be a part of telling. And in the tougher times when work is scarce, try to stay thick skinned and not take things too personally. 

#6. What would you say to someone like Cory Brand in real life?

I hope I would say about the same as in the movie. Especially at his nadir or any low point. I think often less is more.
#7. What's next for you? 

I have a film that I did in Puerto Rico called Welcome to the Jungle, a comedy that is premiering this weekend at the Newport Beach Film Festival. I hope it will be released theatrically this summer, but not sure. Has a lot of great comedy actors and also Jean Claude Van Damme doing a comedic role. It was directed by Rob Meltzer who also directed me in a short film I did awhile back with John Stamos.

I also shot a couple of  comedic commercials, one for Fed-Ex ("Arnold Palmer or Mark Steffenhagen"), and ING ("built in sauce rack") that are currently running. And am hoping to make another film of my own in the not too distant future. I've directed and/or produced a few short films and independent features.

Thanks so much for your time, Robert! For more information on Robert Peters, check out his profile on IMDB and Facebook. Also go to halfemptythefilm.com

Home Run is in theaters now!! Go to HomeRunTheMovie.com to check out show times close to you. 

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