Win Win

                Wake up what are you waiting for?
            Walk on and watch out.
            Wear that heart on your sleeve and stop warning others about its effects.
            Stop your wondering. Stop your worrying. Put away the O’s after the W’s unless you follow them with another W.
            This weary soul is at war.
            This wacky mind needs one big fat W.
            As in Win.
            As in the wind beneath my wings.
            As in watch out world.
            We see what we want to see.
            We wage war and we keep wondering.
            This whirlwind this watching this wuss of a soul.
            It’s about the will isn’t it?
            It’s about waxing and waning.
            It’s about this world and what you’re going to do with it. How you’re going to work inside of it. When you’re going to finally, finally get started.
            What do you say?
            Will you start?
            When will you begin?
            God’s watching from above.
            He’s waiting.
            He wants you to stop waging your own war.  
            He wants your weary, wacky soul.
            He’s your chance to win. 

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