The ABC's Of Hope

            That’s right, just believe.
            Shake off those shackles and start to sprint down the sidewalk. Ice and all. Clouds and all. January gloom and doom and all that. Just go and take off.
            That’s right. Feel it and take it and do something with it.
            Dream the impossible.
            Tell those fools to take a hike.
            Take this thing God gave you and do something daring with it. Try to instill a little dose of hope and inspiration in a hopeless and uninspired world.
            Put a little funk in your step and keep going.
            Forget about the start of this year. The hope and the oh-no-not-that and the hope and the you-gotta-be-kidding-me and the hope and the excuse-me-for-asking.
            January’s almost gone and like a bad girlfriend it’s time to start dating again.
            February’s almost here and she’s looking beautiful and I hear she’s single.
            There’s something about this and here’s the thing. Spring’s-a-coming. So’s summer. Forget about fall? Well, there’s always winter. But not yet. NOT YET.            
            These days are a haze a blind dreary haze but standing behind this keyboard you feel like you’re playing an instrument and thank God it’s a voice but not the one you sing with in church. Another voice. Finer. Freer. Fuller. And you still got some things to say and some songs to sing and some rants to rave and some hurts to help with.
            Inspiration, can you feel it?
            It’s out there, tapping on the glass like the icy rain.
            Nobody has to get it or get you but you get it. They don’t have to see but they can see the written word. Not ramblings like this—those midnight ramblings—but the process of story. The process of a journey. The process of something beautiful.
            Breathe in.
            It’s almost a new day. A new working week even though you know you’re always working. But it’s a new chance again. 37,000 words and counting, right? Story-building, right?
            Heaven knows who might call this week.
            God has a plan and a purpose.
            Please no curly fries, God. Not yet.
            God has it all figured out.
            Potty-training and graduating to big-girl beds and thanks-a lot-flu-shot-failure.
            It’s time to keep going. Keep dreaming. And keep believing that this is something you’re meant to do. So you start with your ABCs.
            Yeah yeah yeah.
            You start and you keep going. 

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