Something Epic

              So here’s what I want to do.
            I want to tell an epic story in an improbable way.
            I want to surprise, with characters and chapters and sub-plots and storylines.
            I want you to think of THIS when I’m really talking about THAT.
            I want to give it all away on the first page but require you to keep reading until the very last one.
            I want the truth to be mysterious and hidden and hard to see, then to have it hit you between the eyes and over the head when you’re finally done.
            The end is there—I can see it. I have a picture of it. Multiple pictures of it in my office. I’ve been there and seen it with my own eyes. I know where I’m going without a doubt.
            I have the names on my board. Peggy Nelson, she’s one. Jeff Reichard, he’s another. Quite a few, actually. So many. I have most figured out, most already cast, most with their story arcs fully-formed.
            I’ve begun numerous times but I keep struggling because I want to tell just enough. Not too much and not too little.
            I want to keep readers interested. I don’t want them giving up after the first section because lots more are coming.
            I want comparisons to The Stand and to Lost. Of course. But I want mine to be totally and completely different.
            In both of those works, the endings left more to be desired. I say that noting that those two works have truly helped to shape my creative journey, so I don’t mean to rip them in any way.
            My ending is rock solid and I know exactly the meaning and the point. It won’t be vague and I truly hope it won’t be a letdown.
            The goal isn’t to mess around with style or point-of-view. The goal is to move ahead a massive story to the finish line. I want to create something big and powerful and moving. I want to exhaust readers in a good way.
            The pieces are all there, messy and broken. The trick is to create a beautiful canvas with all the pieces in various places.
            That’s what I’m hoping to do and what I’m currently working on right now.
            We’ll see what happens.  

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