Now Is The Time (Redskins 2012 Season)

            You’ve forgotten how long you’ve waited. But now is the time.
            For years you’ve done the work and paid your dues but the end result has been the same. But today is different.
            The breaks haven’t gone your way and the fates have seemed to be against you.
            Sometimes, at the end of a season, you’ve stared at the past year and wondered why. Why and how and what? What are you going to do? Which direction are you going to go?
            But today is different.
            The future has arrived, and you finally know your place.
            The hard work and the talent and the persistence are finally going to pay off. Yes, you’ve gotten some nice breaks. Some sweet deals that have allowed fortuitous things to happen. But you’ve also found hidden gems. Little projects that have big payoffs. Things that change the game plan and the team and the whole arc of your future.
            Yeah, now is the time.
            Regardless of what happens in the next few weeks, you have a bright future to look forward to. The home run has already happened. And today it’s been sealed with a kiss.
            Your takeaway is this: never let go.
            Never let go of the dream and the fight and the goal and the dream.
            Because sometimes football can mirror life and vice versa
            Work hard. Have faith. And don’t ever, ever stop. 

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