A Little Leftover Gem From HURT

Know Who You Are At Every Age
               Maybe it doesn’t really matter. This teen thing, that is.
            Maybe the age is just a number. Just like an address or a class number or a license plate.
            Maybe it doesn’t define you. Not really.
            Who is to say what you really feel?
            Who is to say you can’t love and hate and heal and hurt?
            Who is to say who exactly you are?
            Maybe this is who you are. This person. This soul.
            Maybe this is the person you’re going to be for another five and ten and fifty years.
            Maybe the rest of the world has no clue exactly who you are.
            But you know.            
            You know pretty well.  
            You still have a long way to go and you have a lot to figure out. But this time and this place have helped define who you are deep inside.
            Those songs deep inside your soul.
            This place has carved it out and sealed it in hot, blistering fire.
            Others will never know the full extent and never really care to know. At least most people.
            And that’s okay.
            Because you know.
            Another year or ten or twenty might fall like autumn leaves.
            And you will know.
            This is where you found yourself.
            This is where God saved you.
            Over. And over again.
            And this is where you will carry that saved self to another place for something else.
            You don’t know what but you know it will be something.
            Something sweet.
            Something undefined by the age the number the date the box of teenage years.                         
            You know who you are now and you feel pretty good about it. 

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