Strawberry Swing (Celebrating Kylie's 6th)

            Maybe it’s corny and clichéd and maybe it’s so far down in the future that I’ll be SUCH a different person but I don’t believe in any of that. I’d like to believe I’ll still remember. I want to believe I’m still going to feel the way I feel now.
            Our little tiny breath of a life—our little miracle—is six years old. Her birthday was this past Monday. She’s got two little two-year-old sisters running around and following her every move. She’s the boss and the firstborn and the big girl.
            To me, Kylie will still always be my little girl.
            I will always remember holding her for the longest time in a silent and dark house. Feeling this miracle against my chest. Knowing it didn’t have to happen but that it did. Thinking she’d always be little. Our sweet, little girl.
            I remember her when she was one and a half years old, then two. We played a lot of Coldplay. I worked at home and she was always allowed in my office. We danced and sang and she sat on my lap and we listened to music.
            I will treasure those moments to my deathbed. I will forever be in debt to the soundtrack provided by Chris Martin and his wonderful band. Those songs aren’t just songs. They’re imprints. They’re tattoos on my heart and permanent markers of brilliant color on my soul.
            I still took a lot of things for granted back then but I do believe I was truly thankful for this wild, vibrant little life God blessed us with.
            I’d like to imagine her wedding day. I’d love to think I’m there walking her down the aisle. And I’d love to think she’d let me pick the music. The song.
            I’d pick “Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay.
            That song has always reminded me of Kylie. Dancing and singing and laughing and swinging.
            As they sing, “Every moment was so precious.”
            I’d love to think we could blast this song and I could walk down the aisle to people who watched us and had no idea. They might know the song or might realize it’s Coldplay, but they wouldn't have a clue.
            Yet Kylie and I would know.
            “It’s such, it’s such a perfect day. It’s such a perfect day.”
            Music is the sound of memories. I’ve said that before, haven’t I?
            “Wouldn’t want to change a thing.”
            When it comes to Kylie, and those sweet memories when she was just a toddler and we danced away, Coldplay was right.
            I wouldn’t want to change a thing. And there were so many perfect moments.
            In a bleak world during a time full of lots of anxious wondering, Kylie has always been a joy and a sweet sunrise. I love that girl. She’s not so little anymore but she will always be my little girl.
            I hope the songs that tie us together remain forever in her heart and soul. And I hope a tiny piece of her remembers. The dancing and the laughter. And the pure joy of a thankful, crazy, Coldplay-loving father. 

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