Starting Points

I need a song to cement me in the story.
I need an image to drive me forward.
I need an emotion to try to weave around these figures.
I need a resolution to stitch onto their hearts.
I can still see them so long afterwards.
In the cabin, on a plane, by a bedside, on a city street, by a lake, on a campus, in a terminal, holding a child . . .
I can go on.
The characters and their destinies usually are the same.
Once messy and broken, still searching and hoping but finally finding some bit of peace.
Still messy and broken, but changed.
The characters all have their theme songs.
The stories all have their signposts.
Sometimes the roads are a bit too rocky. Sometimes they weave around a bit too much.
Sometimes they’re not the easiest to travel on. Nor the most enjoyable.
But the destination . . . that’s the most important thing.
That’s always been the most important thing to me.
Not sugar-coated sweetness though that can come too.
Not fully-solved and fully-resolved.
Not neat and tidy.
But eyes looking upward and a spirit and soul mending.
That final destination is usually smothered with silence. Which is ironic because the journey always begins with a song.
But that’s just me. 

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