What I'm Working On

Here are some of the projects that keep me busy morning, noon, and night . . .
I’m writing a love story that is a collaboration and involves lots of kissing. First draft scheduled to be finished next month.
I’m also working on chapters for my Lost meets The Stand series before sending out the proposal for this one. I’ve had some good talks with publishers but who knows.
There are a couple of collaborations I’ve written proposals for (wonderful ideas and beautiful stories) and am waiting to hear something back on them. Who knows if they will happen.
A really cool nonfiction project has come to me out of the blue, something that’s really exciting that I hope will see light of day. It’s a story that must be told and I hope and pray I am the writer to tell it. I haven’t done a book like this, but I feel confident I can help tell this in an authentic and unique way.
            There are the books which have yet to come out which still require some work: Hurt, the fourth in The Solitary Tales, was just handed in to the publisher recently. Copyedits and typeset galleys will need to be read over. Home Run is basically finished—I have to finish the back matter for the book. (There will be 4,000 advance readers of Home Run printed for the Celebrate Recovery Summit in August. Wow!) Then there’s the ghostwritten novelization I did which has pages needing to be read.
            I’m hoping, wanting, and trying to do another Solitary Tales B-side that can be published as an eBook this fall. The story is called A Chain of Flowers. I’ve written bits and pieces of it here and there. I also hoping, wanting, and trying to do an eBook to be released on a very specific day next year. It’s tied to music and a band. I might do it under a pen name. Who knows.
            Let’s see . . . is that all?
            Oh, no, wait. I was trying to write my version of The Hunger Games. I wrote out the three-book-series storyline, then rewrote it, then wrote about 100 pages until I realized it wasn’t working. That’s put on hold. We’ll see if I decide to rework it but for now it’s on hold.
            There’s something related to The Solitary Tales that I have planned. Something I’m working on and trying to pitch. Four more books. No more Solitary Tales—that story has been told. But . . . there’s a bigger story that can perhaps be written.
            There’s another love story I just need to write some sample chapters for and give to an interested publisher. There’s the novelization of something which could be the biggest thing in my writing career since Home Run. But who knows.
            That’s a lot of projects, huh? Somedays I run around like a madman carrying a heavy backpack full of wonderful stories and amazing potential. These stories all mean something to me. I’m not going through the motions. It’s just a question of whether some or all will see light of day.
            God knows. And I have to be content to trust that all this hard work and all these crazy ideas might one day pay off.
            I’m fortunate and I’m having fun.