July Sale!

For the month of July, I'm putting four of my books on sale for $5.99. No, this isn't the e-book but the actual book (imagine that, huh). Order them from my website here and I'll sign them as always. 

The books for $5.99 are the following: 

The Promise Remains/The Watermark combined book. This is a great book for those new to my writing. These two novels are the first ones I wrote and very much in the vein of Nicholas Sparks. 

Sky Blue is one of my favorite novels I've written. If you're a fan of mine, you need to read this one. 

Every Breath You Take is a love letter I wrote to our eldest daughter, Kylie, when she was only two years old. It's a love story with a supernatural twist. 

Broken is a different sort of ghost story, one with a redemptive twist to it. Like all my stories, this one is a bit different than the rest. I love the main character in it. 

Would love for you to get these books! Spread the word. Happy July. Stay cool!