Dream Big

Dream. Go ahead. Dream big and don’t bother letting the world know. If they’re meant to find out, they will find out.
Keep the dream close and never let it go. Don’t expect anything from it. Don’t expect it to feed you. Feed the dream. Feed this crazy, foolish, private, insane notion. And keep feeding it.
Get used to those who don’t dream. To those who look at everything in black and white. To those who don’t have anything pinned to their hearts and souls. To those who let others like you dream for them.
Expect the worst and hope for the best. Drive yourself. Keep driving. Take one step after another after another. A day doesn’t define you. A loss won’t beat you. A closed door won’t stop you. A misstep won’t hurt you. The dream is too big to go away.
Remember all those others. It doesn’t matter who they are—athletes, artists, adventurers, activists. All of them have the same desire, the same daily task, the same dream. All of them strive for more. All of them see the end of the rainbow in this black and white world.
Strap your dream over your shoulder. Clip it onto your belt. Wrap it around your waist. Grip on tight to it. Grip on tight and then let go of everything else.
The world watches foolish dreamers every day. Those who have to abandon so much to focus on one thing. One simple, solitary thing. The masses marvel and wonder how it can be done and wonder why it doesn't happen to them and shake their heads in awesome wonder.
Yet you know.
You will see them and hear them and know.
You will smile and remember your dream.
You will know it’s not about finally finding it. It will be about all those uncertain years of trying and failing and trying and searching and trying and dreaming.
If you’re a dreamer, don’t let anybody take them away from you.
Dream big, then see where the dream takes you.

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