Encouragement To Fellow Writers

            Maybe you think you want it bad but there are no maybes on this road.
            There is simple, sheer determination.
            For every example of an overnight success, there are hundreds of lives spent working hard and dreaming big and never finding success. Realize this but don’t let it stop you.
            Perhaps the inspiration from an amazing novel sparked an interest. Perhaps the feeling you had sitting inside a theater watching a tale lit a fuse. Perhaps you’re trying for the same sort of thing those stories gave you.
            Yet know this. Being moved and moving others are two very different things. And they’re certainly not equal.
            There will be bad days. And there will be worse ones. No matter where you’re at and who you are, there will be moments of self-doubt. There will be questions and feelings and frustrations. Be determined. Don’t let your feelings control your actions.
            You will reach roadblocks. You will be ignored. You will be slighted. You will be put on hold.
            Don’t let those who don’t believe allow your own faith to start to fade.
            Fight through it. Day after night after day.
            If you want to write, write. If you want to try and be published, then try and be published. If you want to try for something great, decide and then go do it.
            Every page is an opportunity. Every story an open door.
            But life is not fair. Opportunities don’t always come. Talent is subjective. People are quirky. Timing often doesn’t make sense.
            Study up and do your homework then cast it all to the wind because at the end of the day, this publishing world doesn’t often make sense. Things work and things fail. There is no science or mathematical formula.
            Control the things you alone can control. Things like your work ethic. Your persistence. Your growth. Your emotions. Your fears.
            There is something inside of you that wants to do this and there are reasons why. Use the abilities God has given you. But realize it’s a broken world. The dreams in your head often times don’t match the words on the page. The hard work and glorious ideas often times seem brittle and dull when finally put in story form.
            Be brave and don’t give up. Write the story you want to write. Write the story you have to write.
            Don’t ever let anybody tell you it’s a pipe dream.
            Don’t ever let anybody tell you they’re just naïve thoughts from a wannabe writer.
            Don’t ever—ever-let anybody take those dreams and desires and belittle them. Especially if they’re a seasoned pro.
            Almost five years now, I’m still dreaming.
            Almost five years now, I’m still pouring out my heart.
            Almost five grueling years into this fulltime writing campaign, I still fight the daily battles and hope to win the war.
            I feel fortunate, and blessed, and open to what God wants.
            I still believe. And I say that on one of the toughest days yet in those nearly five years.
            I still believe and so should you. 

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