After years of waiting nothing came.
            You stand and stare out at an endless, silent sea. Wondering. Waiting. Feeling the breeze. Waiting.
            You’re a reasonable man but it’s about time to forget the rhyme and the reason and to change.
            It’s time for something else.
            The dream will always be beautiful but it takes more than dreams to make the day go by.
            The perhaps and the maybes seem too full of mishaps and could-be’s to make the nights ever feel right.
            Dreams are just another excuse to stand still in life and not keep going.
            It’s time to open your eyes.
            There’s another world out there full of flatlining ease. Full of contented fools. Full of foolish, foolhearty full foes. A world full when you’re standing full of ideas and feeling empty.
            A pocketful of stories but nowhere to bring them to.
            If only a brave soul could acquire.
            If only a dreaming fool could publish.
            If only someone swimming against the stream could plunge in entirely and strive.
            It’s time to get out of the raging waters. Time to stand on the shore. Time to wade around on the sand and calm down.
            Time to see the sunset without wondering about tomorrow.
            The little beautiful blessings surrounding you and you’re so damn worried about taking care of them.
            You don’t need a pat on the back. You need a legion of troops. You need the voices of a few whipping up the frenzy of the many.
            Life is not fair but it’s certainly been fair to you. You’re a fortunate fool. But the time is up and it’s time to get wise.
            It’s time to start over again somewhere.
            You’re old but not too old.
            Hopefully not too old.
            Hopefully not too old to start again and build anew.
            The stories and the point-of-views and the characters and the souls searching can wait. They can wait just like you’ve been waiting.
            The world won’t worry about it. They won’t wonder a bit.
            Perhaps tomorrow you’ll fall into some raging tornado. But today you’re smart enough to know you need a change.
            Not for the face looking in the mirror but for the future you hope is much more clearer.

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