One Fan's Thoughts

I'm thankful to have some wonderful fans and readers out there. Some of them have read every single book I've written. Whenever that's the case, I'm always curious to get their thoughts---like what book is their favorite, what do they think about certain titles, etc. 

One fan like this is Stephanie. She was gracious enough to share her thoughts in an email and allow me to post them on this blog. 

For those who haven't read anything of mine or perhaps just a book or two, maybe this will pique your interest on some of my other titles. 


What I like most about your books is that your characters are real--they could be just about any one of us. They're sinners and they're hurt and broken and don't always get their "happily-ever-after." Not to say I don't like happy endings...I do. But life is not like that. I also like that they seek--and find--hope and redemption.

The Promise Remains- exemplifies 1st Corinthians 13: "(Love) always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails."

The Watermark- a wonderful reminder that no matter what a person has done--no matter how grievous the sin committed--God waits, with open arms, to welcome His child back home.
The Second Thief- Love how the verse at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book are connected by your story, and the reminder that "forgiveness is a millisecond away." Oh, and also, I never want to get on a plane again.
Three Roads Home- Second chances with love and with God. Three novellas with one message: love is worth fighting for and in the end, if it's right, will always persevere.

Gun Lake- Love how so many different characters and story lines meld together.

Admission- Love the suspense and that the truth comes out in the end.

Blinded- The matter of choices and dealing with the consequences of those choices.

Isolation- In my opinion, the "scariest" book you've written, as it deals with all-to-real spiritual warfare that goes on. The broken-spirited missionaries, and their son's faith as an example and as a tool for reconnecting with God.

Out of the Devil's Mouth- That this is so completely different from your other books is what makes it fun. Oh, it's definitely Thrasherized, but not in the same way as the others. Would love to see the rest of the series someday. You know, when you have time :)

Ghostwriter- A little taste of the penalty for plagiarism...I love the creepiness and not always knowing what's real and what's not real.

Every Breath You Take- The special connection between father and daughter and love that transcends earthly boundaries.
Broken- Love Laila's broken soul, and the people who don't give up on her: the brother who loves her and will stop at nothing until he brings her home; a "friend" who wants to be more than a friend and is willing to sacrifice everything to prove to Laila that she is worth it; a God who wants nothing more than to have His daughter come back home.
40- One of the most thought-provoking novels I've ever read. Also like the title of chapter 50 "Something I Can Never Have" and chapter 74 "Teardrop".
Letters From War- I love the military, love the song, love the book. Love the connection between Beth and James. Love Murphy's feisty character--he reminds me of my grandpa.

Paper Angels- It was co-written by Jimmy Wayne...enough said :) The reminder that it doesn't take much to change someone's life, and that in giving, your life may be changed as well. It was also really cool to see pieces of you and Jimmy in the story.

THE SOLITARY TALES- The Young Adult series that's not just for young adults. The series just keeps getting better! Love the new insight, the new questions, and that some questions are answered. I cannot wait to see how it all ends.
Sky Blue- My absolute favorite Thrasher novel. To me, it seems to be the most raw (in a good way). I love the intense emotion and the pain that is almost palpable.