The Solitary Tales Reader

These are the people I’m writing The Solitary Tales for.

Some teenager somewhere who feels isolated and alone, regardless of who and where they are.

The guy who wakes up on a beach in Ibiza wondering what happened the night before.

The quiet girl who never says much and wonders what the world is like beyond her small town.

Some 40-something who remembers John Hughes with the same sort of fondness that I do.

Some 40-something. Any 40-something.

Those who like Twilight and The Hunger Games and are looking for something that’s not Twilight and not The Hunger Games.

Someone who totally believes there is no God and wants to debate about it.

Someone who loves Jesus and knows we’re all broken.

A fan of The Smiths or The Cure or New Order or especially Depeche Mode.

A fan of Pretty In Pink.

A fan of Twin Peaks.

A reader who doesn’t like the same old typical sort of storytelling.

I want someone willing to take a chance on a series not because it’s the next big thing but because it’s virtually unknown by a writer who seems all over the board.

I like people who take chances and I want people to take a chance with this series.

This is what I told my publicist today. A lot of people didn’t like how Twilight ended, right? A lot of people voiced their displeasure about the last Hunger Games book. And a whole lot of people echoed their frustration at the end of Lost.

Endings matter, right? But Stephanie Meyer and Suzanne Collins and the creators of Lost all didn’t know their series would become part of pop culture and the fabric of our times.

I went into this series acting as if it would even if I knew it probably wouldn’t. I didn’t want to fail the way some series have (hello wandering storylines of Twin Peaks).

Temptation is out in stores. It’s only book three. It might be my favorite of the four Solitary Tales books. I don’t know. But the most important is book four. Hurt. Coming out January, 2013.

So all of this is a moot point, I guess.

Who I want the audience to be and why I want it read.

All nice thoughts.

A gazillion YA series out there. Right?

You can call The Solitary Tales a lot of things but you can’t call it a copycat or derivative. It’s a shotgun blast of inspirations on the author. But it’s very much me. And I’m proud of it.

Spread the word.

One day, who knows. Maybe we won’t have to.

Right now I know it’s the very best thing I’ve written, and the thing I’m the most proud of. Beyond every other wonderful and blessed project, The Solitary Tales is the most like Travis Thrasher.

God help us all.

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