Broken In The Making

Sometimes you want to pull the emergency brake but can’t find it anywhere.

Sometimes you know you won the lottery but somehow you misplaced the winning ticket.

Sometimes the train you’re on doesn’t have any stops, yet you keep seeing town after town pass you by.

The night knows far better than you. The dawn grins without you knowing it. The sky watches from afar. The clouds gather above and contemplate.

Meanwhile you’re running trying to catch your breath but you realize you’ve already outrun it.

This season you’re in has become your life. You no longer settle for anything because you know you’ll never settle down to decide.

All those things you once said. All those things you once stated. All those things you now see front and center. Reminders. Blessings. Opportunities.

God has this way of making you remember. Not so you can regret but so you can move on.

He also has a wonderful sense of humor.

We all live in bubbles that float around. We all hope they never burst. But sometimes we start floating and realize the bubble burst long ago. Now we’re bouncing around trying to find other bubbles to soften the fall.

All the options and choices and clicks and changes. Bouncing from day to day to day. Every beat and every bump and every brick wall you come across on this road means something now. Every day and night, you’re given another chance.

Those brake lights aren’t gonna shine and those shaking squeals aren’t gonna sound. This train is still gonna go day after night after day.

Now’s not the time to pull any brake.

This isn’t about winning a fortune and this isn’t about taking a break. This is about stopping and breathing in and letting it influence.

Every town is worth stopping at. Every suburb is worth checking out.

The beautiful and brilliant turmoil influences and humors and you still go out and get them.

Run rabbit run. Find the white one and run down the narrow hole.

This all will take you somewhere, though you don’t know where and when.

But you do know why.

This is no exit but a starting point to something brilliant and beautiful and always—always—broken in the making.

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