Travis Thrasher 101

So let's say you just stumbled upon this author named Travis Thrasher recently. Let me say I'm glad you found me after eleven years and 20 books!

So here are some basics to know about me.

All my books are different. Not just in genre, but in style and tone and point-of-view. If you want the same thing repeated twenty times, I'm sorry, but I'm not the author for you.

My favorite novels I've written are Sky Blue and 40. But those might also be two of the most difficult ones to read because of structure and style.

My wife's favorite novel of mine is still probably my first, The Promise Remains.

My agent's favorite novel of mine is Ghostwriter. It's a really good balance between the light and the dark in her mind.

I have a variety of my books available for only $2.99 as e-books on Amazon and BN.Com.

If you want to hear random pieces of my writing life or life as a father of three girls, follow me on Twitter.

For news about books I'm working on or future projects along with giveaways, join my Facebook reader page.

If you discovered The Solitary Tales, join the Facebook reader page for it.

I have a cool collaboration with six other novelists entitled 7 Hours. Here's our Facebook page for it.

I have a newsletter that you can sign up for on my website.

I'm doing something I love to do, and I'm fortunate for it. But as a full-time novelist and the father of three girls, I have to do everything possible to spread the word on my non-brand of novels. If you enjoy my work, please spread the word as well.

There are some very exciting things in the works. So please stay tuned. Thanks for your interest in my writing!

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