Tebow Beats The Steelers And God Wins!

So this evening I watched Tim Tebow and his Broncos beat the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoff game in Denver. It was an amazing win and made me continue to believe in the magic and mystique behind Tebow.

So naturally, as a Christian, I felt this was a win for God and for my "side". Right?


I'm writing this blog not because of the win but because of something our five-year-old daughter, Kylie, said to me after the win. She was more overjoyed than usual after watching an NFL game with me. Naturally, her father is a Washington Redskins fan, so Kylie has seen a lot of gloom and doom after games since the Redskins usually lose in tragic fashion. Still, this was different.

Kylie gave me a hug and whispered the following in my ear: "I prayed to God that Tebone would win and God did it for you! We won!"

Note, Kylie didn't know that Tebone is actually Tebow, but that's okay. She prayed. This was a first for her with for an NFL game and it made me realize Kylie had heard me talking about Tim Tebow's outspoken faith to my wife. I guess she really listened and took it to heart.

Meanwhile, the social networks were all abuzz with Christians declaring this a victory for God and rallying behind Tebow.

I shared this simple remark on Twitter: I don't think the Broncos winning is a "victory" for God. Please. God gave Tebow talent & this outspoken passionate man gives God the glory.

Let me elaborate a bit on those words.

I think it's great that Christians are excited about a good-looking and amazingly talented NFL quarterback winning. Does that sound a bit crass? Not at all. That's the truth.

If Tim Tebow's people ever contacted me to write his story, I'd be honored. Seriously.

But this is the sort of story that really moves me.

An NFL player blessed with talent who ends up believing in his own press and doing whatever he wants, then hitting rock bottom and being forgotten about by the world. Then, finally on his knees before his maker, finding hope and redemption in the power of that same verse that Tim Tebow has touted--John 3:16.

Yeah, that's a victory.

I try not to wear my faith on my sleeve simply because it would look like a shirt bought at a thrift store that was last worn by someone in the Civil War. Okay, that's a bit dramatic but that's how I feel.

The thing that impresses me most about Tim Tebow? Not his talent but his outspoken faith. He wears it well.

I wish I had that.

What I usually do is take my faith and my love of broken people and put them in my stories. I get to hide behind my pages and my wandering plotlines. It's easier that way.

I am amazed by Tim Tebow's talent but even more I'm astounded by his seemingly unwavering faith. That's probably the thing that other Christians are remarking and rejoicing about.

I'd like to think that somewhere in his profession, a shattered player is watching Tim Tebow and seeing the same thing. And maybe it's getting through to them.

That's a cool thought. Cooler than the Broncos playing in the Super Bowl.

Then again, I can say that as a Redskins fan.

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