A Note To My 20-Year-Old-Self

Don’t act like you have all the clues because you don’t have a single one.

Don’t swear off the things you hate because you won’t always hate them. Trust me, you won’t.

Don’t look down one road and know it’s the one because it’s probably not.

Look up and settle down and breathe out and know you’re being watched.

Pull back every now and then.

Don’t always rush into it. And don’t always feel you need to wait.

Let the little things become the big ones and let those big nagging dragons float up like smoke and dissipate into the sky.

Enjoy the moments you have because they’re precious.

Don’t look ahead five or ten or fifteen years down the road.

Don’t let those last five or ten or fifteen years let you stall as you journey ahead.

Know that you’re special but don’t overdo it.

Know that you’re unique but don’t overthink it.

Take that faith and do something with it. Don’t wait until you’re older because “older’ is just a term and a number and it means nothing. Don’t wait because you don’t know what’s ahead and what will burden you down the road.

Thank your Lord and Savior for each day and each blessing and each breath.

Keep dreaming big because dreams are good. Dreams are great. But don’t just dream for yourself. Dream for others.

Don’t let anybody talk down to you. But avoid talking down about the rest of the world.

Don’t be cynical.

Don’t be skeptical.

Don’t be critical.

Take the sunrise on any given day and open the door and let whatever come come.

Love more than you’re loved.

Give more than you’re given.

Stop thinking about that next day and that next week and that next decade. Start now. Start this very instant.

Fun isn’t always what you think fun will be.

And love isn’t always what you expect love to be.

Give more of yourself and then go to sleep without worry.

Go to sleep without wondering.

Don’t worry about your place or your meaning or your ever after.

Ever after will eventually come.

But today and tomorrow are up to you.

They’re up to you.

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