Hurt Publication Moved!

I was surprised to learn last fall that the fourth and final book in The Solitary Tales, Hurt, was scheduled to be published on September, 2012. So I finished Temptation and went straight into Hurt. It turned out to be a very good thing since I was wrapping up this series and I needed to have all the storylines in mind.

Well . . . To all of you who can't wait for Hurt, I have some bad news. The publisher is moving the publication date for Hurt to January 1, 2013.

But this is actually a wonderful thing. For lots of reasons.

A project came out of the blue right at the end of last year (and I mean the very end!). It's an amazing opportunity and a true answer to prayer. The only downside is this book will be published in September. The publisher didn't want to have two books of mine released in the same month, so Hurt needed to be moved.

Here's the good news. Hurt is finished and my editor already said she thinks it's a "very satisfying conclusion to the series". This will give us time to continue to build momentum for the series.

The great news is that this project will continue to open doors for my writing, and that's a great thing. All I want to do is continue to be able to tell stories that move readers. All kinds of stories. I can't wait to share news on this project. I will when I'm given permission.

One last thing. I can't promise this, but if I am able to, I will give readers another Solitary Tales b-side before Hurt comes out. I have some ideas. But we'll see.

Thanks for your excitement in this series. Continue to spread the word. Books three and four are pretty awesome. Hopefully they'll be worth the wait!

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