Waiting For An Opportunity

My collaboration with country musician Jimmy Wayne almost didn't happen.

That's true.

I found an email I sent to the publisher back on January 6, 2010. I had come up with three story treatments that everybody (the publisher, agents, managers) liked. Everybody except Jimmy.

Here's a quote from that email:

"Just had a separate question related to Jimmy Wayne. I know that all of us were excited about the story ideas and the potential there. I can also understand that it's Jimmy Wayne's story and vision. Have you had any more thoughts on where to go from here? After learning about Jimmy and coming up with those different stories, I got really excited by this opportunity. I still feel like I could come up with a great story that matches Jimmy's heart and vision. Seems like we would connect too--he seems like a cool guy.

Anyway, still hope there's an opportunity to work with Jimmy. That'd be really exciting."

Well, as many of you well know, I was given that opportunity. I didn't just get to work with a celebrity and a country singer but I got to know a humble, authentic guy.

A guy who gets my sense of humor.

I thank God he does.

Paper Angels comes out November 1. It's a very special story I hope you read. Then buy a dozen copies to give as Christmas presents!

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