One Thing

Imagine you're just a kid, a teenager alone in this world. Abandoned by the only family you ever had. Left to live and die on your own. Left in this mean, broken world.

But there's something you have that the others don't know about. It's this one thing deep down inside of your soul. This thing that you've carried around all your life and something you’re good at. It's one thing that so many others love to do and long to be but few are ever talented enough to succeed at.

You’re pretty good at this one thing. In fact, you’re pretty awesome at it.

But more importantly, this one thing ends up saving you. It sustains you during your darkest hours. It gives you a reason to survive and continue on. It softly whispers to your soul to keep on going, a day at a time.

This one beautiful thing.

So imagine you're this kid years later, with this one thing now fully grown, with the rest of the world knowing about it. Life is pretty different now on the other side of the tracks, but the memories and the scars remain. So does this one thing. It would be easy to turn it into something it never wanted or intended to be. To make it all about yourself. To continue to feed it and make it monstrous. To make the one thing turn into many, many things.

But no. You don’t do that. You don’t play that game.

Instead, you take this one thing you have and you give it back. You take this one thing and shed light on the boy you once were and the life you once lived. You use this one thing to tell your story and the many other stories that need to be told.

You know not everybody has found their one thing, and not everybody has something like you do that is enjoyed by so many others. So you use it to spread some joy and some light on those who need it.

As we enter a month leading up to Thanksgiving and then another leading up to Christmas, let me ask you a question: What is your one thing?

Do you know it?

It doesn’t have to be something public or something creative. It’s doesn’t have to result in a product or an initiative. It is the one thing that is truly unique about you, the thing that drives you, the thing that connects the dots in your world.

What is it?

If you know, give thanks for it. Then use it to somehow give back to someone somewhere this Christmas season.

I learned my one thing early on, but like many others have spent so long trying to build it into a bigger and more beautiful set of things. All for me. But I’m learning and growing and changing. And hopefully I’m giving a little back. I’m trying to.

If you don’t know your one thing, ask God for it.

Because sometimes, when you ask for that one very special and very important thing, God will turn around and give you two of them.

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