Dreaming Big (What I've Been Up To)

I don’t think people dream big enough these days.

Think about it. We live in a day and age where everything is instant and every idea is articulated. Every story has been told, every song has been sung. Everything we see is simply a redo, a repeat, a reboot, a remix, a retweet.

Ten thousand boxes have been created so very few people think outside of them.

Yet I believe that these days are glorious ones for creativity. We have so many things at our disposal. The late and great Steve Jobs gave us the immaculate iTunes and iPod and iPhone and all those other iWonderful things. These are great toys, but they’re also inspiring creative tools.

The books that are written, and the means to read them by, are endless. The amazing movies that are being made and the inspiring music that is a download away . . . All of this can either take up ALL of our time or fuel our creative fire.

For me, I hope it’s the latter.

Since I officially entered the publishing industry in 1994, I’ve been dreaming. Since I officially left in 2007 to become a full-time writer, I’ve been dreaming.

And now it’s time.

It’s time to really, truly reach for the stars.

This day and age is also the celebration of the celebrity and the rich and famous. Nobody congratulates you when you’re struggling to make it. People like to see those who have made it and then set them on a pedestal to follow.

Do I really think the journey is everything? Or do I believe that it’s about the end result?

If it is about that journey, about the struggles and the doubts and the ebbs and the flows, then I need to embrace the now. I remind myself that all the time. If someday people are looking at some great success I’ve had, it will be these days that will have mattered.

It will be these dreams that meant something.

It’s been four years of “living the dream” and I’m fortunate to continue to do so in a time where so many are struggling just to find any work. I remind myself that, too. If that huge success never comes, I’m still a very fortunate man to be this blessed.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to be complacent.

No. I wake up and walk around and work all day long with an incredible sense of urgency. Perhaps a bit too much at times. Maybe I should ease up on the poor Comcast lady who’s taking a long time on the phone, for instance. But there’s never enough time. And energy. Never. Not in a house full of females that I dearly love.

It would be easy to take the simple and safe path where I’m working for someone else’s dream. Or to take an easier path and dial the dreams down a bit. But why do that? Where’s the fun in that?

It’s eleven days before I dive headfirst into this big, blue ocean of dreams.

We’ll see where the tides take me.

Soon enough, I hope to continue to share more about this current journey. For my millions of fans in my mind and for those real ones I’m gracious to have, stay tuned. I’m working hard, and I’ve finally got it figured out that I’m also working for you.

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