The Blur

Most of the stuff I post on Twitter is not worthy of ever being quoted or reprinted. I'm either sharing something about our three girls or joking around with Jimmy Wayne.

I did share something that I thought was worthy of putting in this blog. It's a quote about being an artist:

There are seasons in an artist's life & journey that can only be seen in hindsight and can probably only be appreciated by others.

My season the last few years has been blurry. Days and nights that have been some kind of strange, literary Groundhog Day. I count my blessings for having been in this season. But it's hard to evaluate this season because I'm still in it.

If God grants me more seasons, I think I'll be able to appreciate and evaluate these days and the work that I've done in them. For now, I'll continue at the work at hand, taking each day at a time.

And tweeting some nonsense along the way.

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