10 Things You Need To Know About Having A Girl

A friend and former colleague was recently blessed with his second child and his first daughter. I came up with this top ten list to be read at his shower for fun.

10 Things You Need To Know About Having A Girl

#10. It's not too late to begin telling her that boys are evil. Not Daddys or brothers--they're special. But all other boys--MONSTERS.

#9. The mood swings start when they're about, oh, an HOUR old.

#8. Girls develop faster than boys. So it won't take long before they figure out who's in charge (PS: IT'S NOT YOU!)

#7. Be careful what you dress them in. Be very careful. Because if you're not, that little girl will become Lady Gaga.

#6. Don't worry about wondering whether she's the most beautiful thing in this world. She already is.

#5. If your daughter's personality starts driving you absolutely bonkers, it might just be that she takes just after YOU

#4. Do not--I repeat DO NOT--start thinking about the teen years. This leads to drug and alcohol abuse.

#3. Yes, boys rock. But remember this: GIRLS RULE.

#2. If there is only one girl in this universe who will end up loving your quirky, crazy, insane self, it will be your daughter

#1. Treat her like a princess, and trust me--you will always be her king.

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