"Your book Solitary was absolutely horrid"

Every now and then I like sharing a reader note. And since some are quite long, I have to share them on my blog. I thought this was a great one from Chrystina so I asked her if I could share (and beware cause there are spoilers here):

"wow, words are failing me right now cause I honestly just do not know what to say. Typically when I email an author, I introduce myself and say thanks ect. But no you had to go and shake things up. If I am being perfectly honest, your book (Solitary)was absolutely horrid. Hear me out though. It was horrid in the sense that you wrote something so ubsurd and so well written. Yet all at the same time it was revolting! I mean seriously you created a character in which you can not help but love and then you have her die. Yes I will say it again horrid and revolting!!>>>And totally perfect. Because after I got over the sense of utter shock, I realized I would have been pretty fired up if you such a book in a cliche love story ending. So thank you. I''d like to say I love where you are taking this story, but I really do not know. So please keep writing, and keep everyone guessing. I hope you will reply because I some questions . . . ."

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