The Times They Are A Changin

Ten thoughts from one writer & book lover as I visited my Barnes & Noble bookstore this weekend:

#1: I noticed something new. A huge space (several rows) devoted to selling toys for children of all ages.

#2. I almost bought a toy for full price since I had our twins in their stroller and one of them was getting fussy.

#3. Almost bought Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion because of the premise and the reviews I've heard. Almost but didn't. Why? Because I thought I might enjoy it more on my Kindle. (Not lying either)

#4. Noticed that Cormac McCarthy's books had been repackaged. I have four of his books I still have to read (not his most famous--those I've loved). For some reason, I can't see reading him on Kindle. Why?

#5. People either really LOVE it or HATE IT when you have a double stroller with twins. At least ours isn't a double wide. It's still narrow like other strollers.

#6. I typically don't even bother checking to see if a store has my books, but the Geneva B&N bookstore is my home base, so they always have a bunch. But they moved the Religious/Inspirational Fiction row somewhere because of the toys, so I never got a chance to see how many they had.

#7. Barnes & Noble sells a lot of gift items for writers and books lovers, like journals and cards and pens and such. I guess I never noticed how much of that stuff they carried.

#8. Cheerios always help a fussy baby.

#9. I eventually left without purchasing anything. Once I got moving on the sidewalk on the humid Sunday, both babies went to sleep.

#10. On our way home from the store, I saw someone on the side of the road waving a 40% off sale sign. For what store? Borders.

Times are a changin', not just for this guy who used to go into the bookstore by himself and always leave with a pile of stuff, but also for those bookstores as well.

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