I'm very fortunate to continue to receive nice reviews on my books. I HAD to share this one I just read for The Solitary Tales #2: Gravestone. It refers to two of my favorite stories by one of my favorite authors as well as referring to my favorite television show of all times.

Wait a minute . . . is this "Charles Evans" really just my wife or one of my friends posing as a reviewer?? (He's a Top 100 reviewer and this is his real name, so I don't think that's the case!)

Here's the review. Thank you, Charles Evans!

"In some ways "Gravestone" is like the TV show Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season where every character is an enigma and every answer opens up two more questions. At time the TV show and this book can be quite maddening and you get to the point where you want to yell-out in frustration. The difference is that "Gravestone" is able to keep the loose ends in order allowing it to progress with the tale.

Solitary: A Novel (Solitary Tales Series) is the first novel in the Solitary series and it has a define beginning middle and end. However, "Gravestone" makes no apologies as it clearly serves as a bridge between "Solitary" and the next installment Temptation: A Novel (Solitary Tales Series). Despite being virtual literary bridge "Gravestone" is a darker (and ultimately better) than its predecessor. It is tough to explain how a YA Christian mystery novel could have the same level of gloom and dread as Salem's Lot and The Mist (Previously Published as a Novella in 'Skeleton Crew') but it matches both of them. It really is a surprising novel on many accounts - not only is scary, but it also captures teenage angst and the nature of being an outcast and a rebel.

One thing that sets the Solitary apart from other books in the suspense/mystery genre is that for all of its evil and scary imagery it a very clean novel. While I wouldn't recommend it to kids under 13 (especially if they are nightmare prone) it avoids using profanity or other cheap tricks to try and create an authentic feel.

Final Verdict, while "Gravestone" may not be appropriate for every teenager it will likely be popular series if people see it for what it is (a very dark and terrifying story) and not as a YA Christian novel. Trust me - "Gravestone" is a novel that would make Stephen King very proud.

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