City Lights (The Process)

I was about to share a chapter I just wrote for Temptation called "City Lights." I'm not sure if it will even go in the novel but just wanted to share it for fun. Then I realized that it gives away something. Not a shocking surprise, but more of a surprise in terms of what I'm doing with the first third of that story.

So no sharing.

But I'll share a part of the process. I know that there are five of you out there who really, truly care about the process. So this is for all five of you.

I'm finishing a ghostwriting project this week so all my energy is going toward that. Then I'll dive back into Temptation and my wonderful Solitary Tales. But just because I'm not technically writing doesn't mean I'm not thinking of the story.

Tonight I downloaded an ep from a group that goes all the way back to early college days. They're called Cause And Effect. I downloaded their new four-song album called Artificial Construct Part 2. And of course, while listening to the songs, I thought of The Solitary Tales. Thinking of those wonderful playlists.

While listening to track 2, "City Lights", I began to write a chapter that fit with the story. It wasn't something exceptional, but it was unexpected. I didn't expect to be writing at 10:00 p.m. after a draining day. But the music fueled the mood and I got back into sixteen-year-old mode and wrote a few words.

Music moves and motivates me. Always has. Sometimes my words are merely an attempt to put lyrics to the songs that I love. It's fun when those words end up in a story.

As for Chris--well, he was happy. For the moment. But the story is early and as they say, happiness is fleeting.

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