Moving To Mars

An ordinary man begins to play the piano, singing a soft & soulful serenade.

This is how "Moving To Mars" begins.

A reminder of the Coldplay we fell in love with. Ah, Chris . . . the melancholy and the mood and the restraint.

A sweet song to sing to someone we love. All heart. Earnest. Oh so earnest--and that's not a bad thing-- and hey, what's that spiralling sound?

What's that beat?

Elton John circa 1973 has arrived.

Woah. The band has arrived as well. Crashing and cranking in.

Suddenly the old is morphed with the new. Suddenly there's a blast of guitar that sounds like vintage Pink Floyd. Ah the glory. The ecstacy.

We're flying now. We're floating and free. We're really truly flying.

This all was supposed to be an intro to the next blog I'm posting. But then again, sometimes the keys get away from my and I start flying as well . . .

What a glorious new song.

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