Why LOST Matters

A year ago the best television show I've ever watched came to a close. My wife and I shared a passion for this series, which is unique for us since we're so different. For that reason alone, I can justify enjoying Lost. But there are so many other reasons why it was so amazing.

Enough people have written about Lost so there's no need to go into details about the show. But after it was all said and done, there were a lot of people feeling like the finale was a disappointment and that all the show's many questions weren't answered.

Here's my simple comment to all of those who needed answers.
The first three STAR WARS movies still mean something to me because of the characters. Ben Kenobi. Luke. Leia. Yoda. R2D2. And, of course, Han Solo. Wonderful wise-ass Han Solo. The rogue with a big heart who ends up having to endure hell to save everybody. (I've been through carbon freezing and it's not pretty)
The Lord of the Rings saga means something to me because of the characters. Especially wonderful Frodo who starts out all bright-eyed and naieve and ends up having to endure hell to save everybody.
Lost means something to me because of the . . . characters. Yes, the mysteries were fun to ponder. And it was exciting to see where the producers and writers were taking us. But we wanted to find out because of the characters. We wanted to go on the journey WITH them. THEY are the reason the show mattered.

The characters--all of these broken and bruised people. All those wonderful lost souls. Especially Jack, who ends up having to endure hell to save everybody (well--as many as he can).

As for all those myriad of questions in Lost that went unanswered? Life is too short to dwell on them. I have a myriad of questions going unanswered every day. Why don't our twin baby girls sleep through the night? Why am I up at 3:23 a.m. every morning even if everybody else is sleeping? What's the mystery behind why the word "toaster" sends our Shih Tzu running up the stairs? What exactly is happening in the abandoned house across the street?

Some things never get answered or explained. Like the ring in Lord of the Rings. Or The Force in Star Wars. Or the island in Lost.

Stories matter because of the people. Lost mattered because it was epic and ground-breaking and because I dearly loved those lost, wandering strangers bound together by an amazing adventure.

To the creators of Lost--I'm among the inspired. And you are among the great stories ever to be filmed.

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