The Tendency

I have a tendency to want to share what's going on in my writing life. In this Golden age of social media, everybody shares everything. Since I work in a job that's very isolating and solitary (yes--I know--but the titles do work), it's even more tempting to overshare. Since, of course, I think the stuff that I'm working on is very important.

But here's the thing--a lot of things that happen or that I'm working on are things I can't necessarily share.

For instance--there's the project that I'm working on right now. Can I talk about it? Nope. Will I ever be able to? I'm not sure. Is it fiction? Yes. Have I gotten paid for it? Half. So is it a TT novel? Nope.

That's just one vague example. There are conversations I've had between my agent and I. Between other agents who'd like to work with me. Between myself and other publishers. Between myself and other authors.

Then there are the future projects. And because it's easier to talk about something than to do it (hence the reason a lot of businesses love having meetings), I try to refrain from yammering on about a story idea. I don't want to divulge too much in case it's the next Harry Potter. I also don't want to say too much if the idea never happens.

So a lot of the things happening in my writing life--projects and pitches and ideas and happenings--are things I refrain from talking about. This can be particularly difficult on certain days.

Every single project I've worked on has always whispered this in my ear: "This might be huge!" And so far, every single project has come out without fulfilling that possibility. But that's the dream. That list of future projects that I have facing me on my dry erase board--the list of goals I have in my writing journal for 2011--the list of dreams I have for myself and my writing--they're for me and only me.

If something does go big, then it'll be worth talking about with others. For now, I'll keep the ideas spiralling around my head. I'll keep working. And I'll try, for the most part, to keep my mouth shut.

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