Teen Songs

(this bit of rambling--I mean blog--was inspired by work on my upcoming teen novel Temptation)

When you’re a teenager, it’s okay to have a theme song. To have a group that knows you and sings your sorrows. To have a musician read your mind and your soul and sing about your yesterdays and tomorrows.

Then you grow up.


Well, some of us do.

But the thing is, we all carry around soundtracks throughout our life. But “adults”, whatever that term might mean, forget them. They’re too busy. They’re making a living. They’re changing diapers. They’re buying houses and cars. They’re paying for houses and cars and the cribs and car seats that fill them. They’re too busy for soundtracks and the silliness of their teenage lives.

They bury the songs.

They forget the passion.

They become responsible. Respectable. Resolute. Repetitive. Ridiculous.

Being a teen is about suddenly discovering that you have a beating heart. That you have a troubled soul. That you have the ability to fall or figure it out. That you’re so close to this thing called adulthood yet you’re still not there. Not yet. Not just yet.

The music takes you away. It makes you breathe. It keeps you awake. It shares all your fears. It bonds. It breaks. It moves you in ways you never thought you could be moved. It says everything you wish you could say in four minutes or less.

The songs and the soundtracks of your teen years are never forgotten. Never. They are heard while driving on the freeway late at night. They are heard on the restaurant speakers during a business lunch. They follow you in an outdoor mall or the laundromat or a new television commercial.

But adults never keep the soundtracks going.

At least most don’t.

But there are always exceptions.

There are always teens at heart. Never wanting to grow older. Never wanting to music to end. Always searching for that perfect song to define their imperfect soul.

Some people think wisdom is defined by the wrinkles on their skin. But deep down, they’re still those same insecure teens. They’re just afraid to turn up the music and sing out loud and dance a little.

Find a song or two. Create a soundtrack. Sing to the music. Make up your own lyrics. Dance a little.

Don’t be afraid to be a teen again.

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