This thing is yours.

Don’t let it go.

The echoes of yesterday bounce off today and tomorrow.

The shadows follow you and only you.

Nobody knows where you’ve been or where you’re going.

Nobody is looking out for you.

Nobody else cares about yesterday or tomorrow except for one person . . .

The same person who produces.

The same person who believes.

The same person who struggles before dawn and after dusk.

Everybody likes a winner after they’ve won.

But nobody pays attention to the sweat and the toil before the race.

They can say whatever they want when they’re in control.

But ultimately they don’t know a thing about you.

Numbers and figures don’t define an artist.

Boxes and brands don’t define a soul.

If the outcome never exceeds their outlook, does it mean it’s a failure?

Do they really understand true success?

The calendar turns and they change their point-of-view.

A new year means a new name.

But you’re still the same.

And those desires haven’t gone away.

This is what really truly defines who you are.

Not the moment where you break out.

But the moment when the flames begin to die down.

The moment when many other sane individuals would call it quits.

The moment when others would count the hours and the cost and call it a night.

But that’s why they’re not you.

Because they would fold.

They would go back to the ease and the comfort.

Back to the calculations and the confidence.

But for you, it’s just you.

And for you, the decision was already made a long time ago.

It’s not a choice anymore, but a life.

And this life is about creating and crafting and trying and failing. It’s about waking up and trying something and going to bed realizing that the something wasn’t all you wanted it to be. Then waking up the next day and trying again.

Then again.

And again.

Nobody else needs to understand this drive or this desire.

Nobody else needs to pay any attention.

Nobody else needs to see you sitting there, doing your thing, hoping and praying
that one day . . .

Most won’t be there if that day arrives.

And if it does, few will really understand what it took to arrive.

But you understand.

You remember.

And you never give up.

Not because you want to prove anybody wrong. But because deep down inside, you know this feeling you have is simply . . .


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