40 Snippet #8

(Here's the last little snippet cut from 40 that I wanted to share.)

Chapter 101. Dance Yrself Clean

This is the prologue to something more.

Either we believe that or we don’t.

Either this is all we got or there’s something more.

Either it’s all about us or about something else.

We can argue about everything except death.

It’s the light that’s so hard to take.

The darkness comes easy but the light is a little more difficult.

Black is for the strong and light for the weak.

Take it like a man and don’t wince.

Take it like a man and don’t flinch.

Happily ever afters are for children.

Where are you going and who are you traveling with?

What’s on the horizon and why are you running?

The sun is going to set and you have no idea when.

If you did, what would you do with the time left?

What would you do with those moments, those seconds, that time?

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