Writing Tip #60

Have you ever heard of something called Worker's Block? This is when people don't feel inspired to work that day, so they decide to call up their boss and say they can't come in. It's a common ailment that troubles many people in companies everywhere.

Of course I'm kidding. Most people would probably be fired if they tried something like this.

There is that wonderful thing called Writer's Block, however. But I don't buy into it. I think it's an excuse many writers use to avoid working.

Sometimes, the inspiration is NOT there. Sometimes the project IS overwhelming. Sometimes you're just not in the mood and you can't sum up the energy.

But if you put this into a work setting, that would be a cop out. And it would be something you simply could not say and do.

Writing can be fun and moving, but eventually it always becomes WORK. Even if you're working on a project that you haven't been paid for, know and accept this. Plow through those moments when you're uninspired and unmotivated. Combat Friday afternoon fatigue which can come on any given moment of any given day. Writers will tell you that it's truly hard work.

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts about that work is having the discipline to tell yourself you can't afford to have WRITERS BLOCK. To just start working, word by word and sentence by sentence.

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