In The Works

I've got a cool idea I've been working on for some time. It's an idea that came after getting input on another quite different idea. Yet at the core, it's the same story because of the journey I'm wanting to go down.

At this point in my writing career, I think it's time to stop playing around and experiment. Time to stop using some of these stories as cathartic journeys. It's time to tell something epic and powerful that people will talk about and be moved by.

I'm learning what I do well and don't do well. I've been learning that for ten years now. I've been telling stories about characters who refuse the call to adventure, who stay stuck in their own little bubbles. But no more.

It's time for the adventures to start and the bubbles to burst.

I've had this idea for sometime, and it's getting closer. It's being honed and plotted and polished. God willing, I'm going to tell it.

The idea came years ago with a simple and somewhat cliched image of a boy chasing his dog into the woods. That boy is still going to do so, not having any idea where it's going to take him.

I've been warming up by trial and a whole freaking lot of error. I'm still paying my dues and will continue to do so. But it's time to accept the call and go on the journey.

I hope a few of you are excited to go on the ride with me.

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