A New Notebook

I've referred to keeping a notebook every year for goals, book ideas, marketing misc. and other writing-related things. Here's one of those posts. I recently started a new journal and wanted to share how I start it out.

The first page has my writing goals. This is the first page that I can't help looking at throughout the rest of the year. Some people don't like setting goals but I love setting them. I often set an unrealistic amount of goals in order to at least be able to achieve a few of them. My goals include the stories I'm hoping or planning on writing, contracts I might be signing, marketing I might be doing, or personal goals related to my writing.

The second page has my personal goals, the ones related to myself and my family. Maybe these should be on the first page but this is my writing journal. I like having these here because I'm always referring to this notebook.

Page three has a list of release dates for my works. Some of these are definite and some are hypothetical. Some of the book ideas are merely possibilities. But this helps me when looking and planning for the future.

On a similar note for planning for the future, on page four I have my writing schedule for the year. Again, some of these dates are real and some depend on whether I land a contract. I plan the whole year out to make sure that I am able to do everything. If one project gets the green light, then I won't be surprised or overwhelmed.

On page five of my writer's notebook, I have my financial plan. I've been doing this the last few years. This might as well be called "How In The World Am I Going to Survive This Year?" It shows income definitely or maybe coming in.

I'm thankful that I have multiple projects and releases happening. But I'm not successful enough to not plan ahead for the future. I'm still in the boat of waiting to see which door opens next. I'm knocking and will wait to see which ones open.

It always helps preparing and planning as if those doors will open. If they don't, then go to the next door and the next opportunity.

Throughout the year, these lists get updated of course. Writing dates change, money coming in changes, publication dates change. But my goals remain the same. At the end of the year I can which goals were met and which ones never got scratched off. They keep me focused and on task. They also manage to hopefully keep me hungry and humble.

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