Hitting The Road In 2011

I get people who often tell me "You need to come here to (faraway city) to do a booksigning!" Well, plans are underway to hit the road this year and visit some bookstores and I'd love your help.

My 15th novel entitled 40 releases this May. My goal is to try and do 40 booksignings for it. And I'd like my readers to help me figure out some bookstores and cities to visit.

I'd like to do another week long tour where I hit the road and visit some cities outside of Illinois. I'll probably do an additional North Carolina/South Carolina tour as well, so I won't count those states as part of this.

Are you interested in having me come to a local bookstore near you? How interested? And I'm being very serious. I'd love to have some readers help me out by telling friends and fellow readers to join them in coming out to buy some books and talk writing & publishing. And notice I said BUY. Stores don't like twenty people talking about writing and publishing when they're not buying books. Come to think of it, publishers don't like that either.

Last time I did a major book tour was for Sky Blue (photo above). I've continued to do a variety of booksignings, but I'm really wanting to share 40 with the world. The nice thing is that I'm also able to share input on all my other books when I do signings. I want readers to discover my stories, and this is a nice way of introducing them to it.

So would you like to chat about fiction, writing and some of the books I've written? Interested in bringing some interested readers along? Email me at travisthrasher@mac.com. I'd love to come to some states and stores I've never been before.

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